The COVID-19 Pandemic impact for LinRT BSPs releases !

Pandemic COVID-19

The pandemic situation during the last 2020 year has affected the LinRT Real-Time Yocto BSP 2020 roadmap and particularity our validation processes. Since December 2020, the LinRT BSPs 2.0 are available as official releases.
For 2021, Digital Data Sofware LLC will contract will new partners to extend our Research and Development approach by including new usages of LinRT BSPs, and to strengthen our support team to be even closer to our customers around the world. The next LinRT BSPs 2.1 official releases are scheduled for the end of January. Waiting, be safe !

What new for 2021 ?

LinRT Real-Time Linux Yocto BSPs for x86 and i.MX6/8 CPUs 

Linux Kernel security vulnerabilities
Except for Releases Candidate, all LinRT Yocto Real-Time BSP source updates will be provided with the last Linux Kernel CVEs patches from the CVE database. Each LinRT update Release Notes will detail the list of security patches included in the kernel recipes. 

Adding support for new reference i.MX6 boards. Actual LinRT BSPs are provided for Phytec phyBOARD Mira i.MX6Q SBC®. In February of 2021, the next release of phyCORE-iMX6Q Yocto Thud LinRT BSPs 2.1 will support phyBOARD Nunki i.MX6Q® development board.

Adding i.MX 8M and 8M-mini support on LinRT BSP. As announced last week, the new Yocto Dunfell LinRT Helium BSP 3.0 is on the way and with this new version of LinRT real-time Linux BSP, two new Phytec’s boards will be supported :  phyBOARD-Polis i.MX 8M mini® and phyBOARD-Polaris i.MX 8M®. Read more…

Adding support for new reference i.MX7 SOMs and boards. In February of 2021, the next release of Yocto Thud LinRT BSPs 2.1 will support phyCORE-i.MX7D and phyBOARD Zeta i.MX7D® development board. This board with two Ethernet interfaces will be used as a reference platform for BACnet application with LinRT Low-Latency BSP, and real-time TCP/IP PowerLink demo application with LinRT Real-Time BSP.  

New x86 reference boards. With next LinRT Colbalt Real-Time Linux BSP 3.0 with Xenomai 3.1.x on Linux kernel 5.4. The reference Board selected should be based on AtomTM E3900 industrial COM Express® Type 10 Mini for embedded time-critical applications on powerful and rugged systems. 

Debian Preempt-RT

Debian Low-Latency Bullseye “11” for i.MX 8M.
First Low-Latency Debian Bullseye 11  will be released as a Release Candidate for May. It will be based on Linux 5.4 PREEMPT-RT BSP support for i.MX 8M/M-mini processors, shared with LinRT Low-Latency BSP 3.x. 


For more details about LinRT Roadmap, see the Agenda 2021