LinRT is an embedded Linux distribution that uses the FSL Community Yocto Project layers with LinRT proprietary layers for Phytec’s SOMs and Single Board Computers.

The LinRT Linux BSP includes the following components :

  • Linux kernel for Phytec’s i.MX6 SOM products
  • The Barebox bootloader for Phytec’s i.MX6 SOM products
  • Many Linux images for applications
  • A C/C++ and Qt5 Software Development Kit
  • Multimedia and RealTime extensions

Four deliveries of LinRT BSP are proposed :

  • Helium BSP  : Linux 4.9 fscl-imx Server, Desktop or Low Latency Preempt Scheduling
  • Oxygen BSP : Linux 4.9 fscl-imx-rt kernel with determinist PREEMPT-RT patch
  • Mercury BSP : Linux 4.9 fslc-imx-rt kernel with PREEMPT-RT patch and Xenomai 3.0 Mercury Real Time library framework and WxWorks / pSOS emulators
  • Cobalt BSP : Linux 4.9 fslc-imx-ipipe kernel with IPIPE and Xenomai 3.0 Cobalt Hard Real Time extension with POSIX API

This section contains all the documentation you need to set, to build,to install and to use LinRT BSP image on your device.