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LinRT Services : Real-Time Linux Yocto BSP for i.MX and x86 SBC

DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE’s team of developers has acquired a solid experience in Embedded Linux, edits and provides the BSP LinRT, and can assist you in the implementation of this one on your own platform. We can also support you to develop your application on an embedded Linux system. We offer a complete set of software development services to design software for connected, multimedia, and real-time equipment, based on Cortex and x86 CPUs.

Support and Design

LinRT HelpDesk Support

The DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE developer team provides technical support for the BSP LinRT itself to its customers. DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE has human resources on the American and European continents to ensure service at the ready of these. The technical support is provided by Linux experts with many years of experience and having worked in a different domain of application with Linux technology and Yocto Project, which allows them to better understand the difficulties and constraints that their clients may encounter.

System Architecture

Due to its very good knowledge of hardware and software technology, DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE can assist its customers in their overall architecture selection by integrating both the average aspects of product testing and product deployment while taking into consideration the problems of material and software durability of the products throughout their lifetime.

Yocto BSP

LinRT BSP customization

Part of The DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE team has strong hardware expertise in addition to a solid background in Linux development. It can assist its customers in implementing their own platform so that they can design them in a way that is best suited to their needs while taking into consideration inherent software. The software design office can port the LinRT BSP to any NXP i.MX processor-based platform by adapting the bootloader, kernel, and drivers to the specificity of the client platform.

Drivers design

Thanks to its knowledge of the operation of interfacing processors with their peripherals and the different hardware technologies encountered on ARM/Cortex-A platform, the DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE design office can assist its customers in the design and development of Linux device driver or RDTM device driver for hard real-time applications under Xenomai.

Application development

Real-time System

The LinRT developer team is aware of the critical aspects of real-time equipment operation and can help its customers to find the most suitable solution to the constraints expressed. For this purpose, DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE can assist its customers with the BSP LinRT dimming by proposing optimal driver adaptations and kernel settings and rugged software solutions under Linux as Xenomai to guarantee the operation of the equipment under extreme application conditions.

Network and Field bus

DIGITAL DATA SOFTWARE has expertise in Fieldbus implementation such as CANopen and MilCAN, but also in the adaptation of network communication stacks such as PowerLink, Ethercat, and BACnet in real-time critical applications under Embedded Linux and Xenomai.

LinRT Real-Time Linux Yocto BSP Helpdesk Support
Help-Desk LinRT Real-Time Linux Yocto BSP Helpdesk Support