Available since January 28, the new LinRT Multi-FB Helium Release 2.1 for i.MX6 provides a Yocto BSP solution based on FSL Community BSP, and optimized for Qt/GUI and multimedia applications on i.MX6Solo/DualLite and i.MX6Quad multi-display embedded systems.
Moreover, the new LinRT Multi-FB Helium Yocto BSP Release 2.1 gives the last CVE vulnerabilities patches for Linux kernel 4.14 and Yocto Thud 2.6.4 for secure systems.

LinRT Multi-FB Helium Yocto BSP v2.1 demo image

LinRT Helium BSP is designed to build Linux Yocto for all i.MX6QDL machines natively supported by the FSL Community Yocto BSP, included Phytec phyCORE-iMX6 and phyFLEX-i.MX6 SOMs.

Furthermore, Digital Data Software developers’ team can customize Helium BSP for your NXP i.MX6QDL platform.

The new LinRT Oxygen and Mercury Low-Latency BSP are also available and demo images can be download for i.MX6 here…

This new 2.1 Release is based on  :

  • Last Yocto Thud 2.6.4 + layers FSL Community BSP
  • LinRT Multi-FB Helium distros based on fsl/poky distro
  • Linux-fslc-imx (CVE vulnerabilities patches up to 4.14.214)
  • Barebox bootloader 2019.11
  • Driver imx-gpu-vivante 6.2.4
  • Multi FrameBuffer Full HD
  • gstreamer-1.0
  • imx hardware codec support (NXP GPU/VPU)

Detailed phyCORE-iMX6_Release_Notes_Helium_MultiFB 2.x.txt
Detailed phyFLEX-iMX6_Release_Notes_Helium_MultiFB 2.x.txt

The Backward compatibility with LinRT BSP v1.x will be assumed by possibilities to keep the Linux kernel and bootloader revisions identically used by LinRT BSP v1.x. Therefore, customers have the possibility to upgrade their solution gradually to version 2.x

The LinRT Helium BSP v2.1 provides demo images will for the Phytec’s SBCs  :

Notes : 

  • The next LinRT Helium BSP v2.2 revision is planned for W11/2021. For more details see LinRT BSP release 2021 Agenda…
  • The LinRT BSP v2.x will be supported until the end of 2022.

The LinRT Yocto BSPs sources are available by subscription to the LinRT HelpDesk Support, more details here…

For more information, please contact us at : contact@linrt.com