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LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen BSP v2.1 : Real-Time Linux Yocto BSP for i.MX and x86 SBC

LinRT Full Multi-FB Oxygen BSP demo image Phytec Mira i.MX6Q

The LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen BSP Release 2.1 for i.MX6 provides a Yocto BSP solution based on FSL Community BSP optimized for connected Qt/GUI and multimedia applications on i.MX6Solo/DualLite and i.MX6Quad multi-display embedded systems with low latency requirements.
The new LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen Release 2.1 gives the last CVE vulnerabilities patches for Linux kernel 4.14 and Yocto Thud 2.6.4 for secure systems.

Qt5 Multimedia Demo image for Phytec SBC Mira i.MX6Quad

The LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen BSP Release 2.1 Mira SBC i.MX6 Quad is a free download demonstration SD-CARD image, based on linrt-full-multimedia-qt5-image with demo software packages build with LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen Yocto BSP for phyCORE® i.MX6Q/DL.


LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen BSP

Release date:February 12, 2021
Last updated:February 15, 2021
Current version:2.1
Product type:LinRT Full Multi-FB Oxygen Qt5 Multimedia demo SD-CARD image
File format:.wic bmap-tools bundle
File size:216MB
Requirements:Minimum SD-CARD size 4GB, SD-CARD reader and RS232 cable
Price:$0.00 USD

Demo image installation

Prepare your Linux Host PC station, by installing bmap-tools packages (example for Ubuntu Host) :

$ sudo apt-get update -y
$ sudo apt-get install -y bmap-tools

Insert an SD-CARD into the reader, check with dmesg command mounted device path and on Linux console type following command (example for /dev/mmcblk0)

$ sudo bmaptool copy linrt-full-multimedia-qt5-image-demo-phyboard-mira-imx6-3-demo.wic.gz /dev/mmcblk0

For the first boot, connect the HDMI display as primary, and USB mouse for GUI demo.

Connect Mira SBC and your Host PC with an RS232 serial cable and configure your serial terminal client for 115200 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit (8n1)

Main features

  • Last Yocto Thud 2.6.4 + layers FSL Community BSP
  • LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen distros  based on fsl/poky distro
  • Linux-fslc-imx + PREEMPT-RT (CVE vulnerabilities patches up to 4.14.214)
  • Barebox bootloader 2019.11
  • Driver imx-gpu-vivante 6.2.4
  • Multi FrameBuffer Full HD
  • gstreamer-1.0
  • imx hardware codec support (NXP GPU/VPU)

Release notes

Oxygen MultiFB 2.1                                              2021-01-28
Changes since Oxygen MultiFB 2.0:
- linux-fslc-imx_4.14-2.3.x-rt: applying linux-cve vulnerability patches available from linux mainline kernel up to 4.14.214 release
- qt5.12.9 -> qt5.12.10 (vendor commit: b0d2d2913ed4c4b6b5b9a19edcb7c85cc0dd7904)

- Fixes:
  * general:
    - libopenVG packages runtime install 
    - psplash rotate display
    - QtDemo startup artifacts with psplash
    - Systemd CAN bus service deployment failed 

  * kernel:
    - Increase SOC operating points for low frequencies
    - Add LDOs in bypass for CPU core regulators
- Added:
  * phyboard-nunki-imx6-1

Detailed phyCORE-iMX6_Release_Notes_Oxygen_MultiFB 2.x.txt
Detailed phyFLEX-iMX6_Release_Notes_Oxygen_MultiFB 2.x.txt

Demo image limitations

This SD-CARD demo image is configurated as :

  • Tested for Mira i.MX6 Quad SBC (phyboard-mira-imx6-3 BSP Machine)
  • No CAN Bus support
  • No Wifi support
  • No NOR  and NAND Flash support
  • Framebuffer /dev/fb0 : HDMI Full HD (primary display)
  • Framebuffer /dev/fb2 : 10” LVDS 800×640 display with Resistive Touch (G104SN02)
  • Framebuffer /dev/fb4 : 7” LCD 800×480 display with Capacitive Touch (AC104)
  • Automatic Power down after 15 minutes (needing switch off / switch on power supply to reboot)

For having full features LinRT Multi-FB Oxygen Qt5 image for Mira i.MX6 Quad, report to pre-build image and SDK product descriptions [coming soon …]

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